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IT Consulting

Apollo Digitech provides expert IT consulting services leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and cutting-edge technological expertise, we provide comprehensive consulting services that encompass everything from IT sales, IoT, cloud computing and cybersecurity, addressing unique client challenges ensuring future-ready IT infrastructures.


Specializing in talent acquisition, Apollo Digitech expertly connects businesses with top-tier IT and Telecom professionals. We cater to diverse roles, ensuring the perfect match for every company’s specific needs.


Apollo Digitech delivers specialized cybersecurity consulting, focusing on current and emerging digital threats. We provide actionable insights and strategies to safeguard against today’s sophisticated cyber risks, ensuring robust, future-ready protection for our clients’ digital environments.

At Apollo Digitech, we’re more than just a service; we’re your trusted partner in the dynamic digital landscape with more than 15 years of experience. We strongly believe in surpassing customer expectations and goals.

Specializing in IT consulting and cybersecurity, our dedicated team offers personalized, expert guidance and robust solutions tailored to your unique needs. We navigate the complexities of modern technology with you, ensuring Apollo Digitech is your steadfast ally against cyber threats and your champion in achieving digital excellence.


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Professional Services

Enhance your IT program with our

professional services

Advising businesses on technology optimization

and strategic tech solution implementation

Facilitating talent acquisition through expert matching

and strategic hiring solutions

Build a secure foundation for your organization

leveraging threat modeling methodologies

Scenario based training to boost organizational readiness

and response

Conducting security testing across source control systems

with actionable risk prioritization metrics

Comply with industry security standards and address risk

systematically with risk management services

Our hosted solution – Risk Radar Navigator helps

businesses prioritize remediating critical risks

Assisting businesses to detect and assess security

vulnerabilities in their environment

Help businesses to acquire specialized IT tools

and solutions

Fully managed 24×7 service to monitor and respond

to cybersecurity threats

Identify vulnerabilities and test your security systems with

assessment and testing services

Evaluating and enhancing cloud-based security measures

Managed Services

Focus on strategy by leveraging our

managed IT services

IT Consulting


Threat Modeling

Table Top Exercise

DevOps Security Testing

Risk Management

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Scanning Services


Security Operations Center (Future Addition)

Penetration Testing (Future Addition)

Cloud Security Assessments (Future Addition)


At Apollo Digitech, with over 15 years of industry experience in IT sales, consulting, and cybersecurity, we have steered the company towards becoming a pivotal force in the tech landscape. Our initiatives and programs at Apollo Digitech have not only revolutionized the way organizations approach their digital security and IT infrastructure but have also significantly influenced the broader technology sector globally. Our commitment to excellence and innovation continues to shape the future of IT and cybersecurity, impacting businesses and industries worldwide.


At Apollo Digitech, with our extensive experience in IT sales, recruiting, and cybersecurity services, we have pioneered innovative programs and strategies that have significantly influenced the IT industry. Our expertise has not only empowered organizations with cutting-edge technology solutions but also reshaped the landscape of IT talent acquisition and cybersecurity. Apollo Digitech’s commitment to excellence and innovation continues to impact businesses and industries globally, driving forward the future of technology and security.


Our cybersecurity consultants have a varied background in sectors such as healthcare, media, telecom and technology. They are highly qualified with security certifications affiliated with EC-Council, (ISC)2 and GIAC.

Industry Specialization

We are experienced in creating and managing IT and cybersecurity programs for various sectors such as healthcare, media, medical devices, financial services, communication services, transportation, food and agriculture, and others.

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